VGIT relies on highly innovative tools to get the job done right.

By utilizing Graphite Studio for the software application development process, VGIT requires no syntax and relying on Code-as-a Service methodology and Drag-and-Drop construction of all end-user screens. Graphite Studio introduces complete programming language independence for it customers.

This programming language independence cuts in half not only the technical resources necessary to complete the software development process, but also the timeframe as well as the cost of developing a compelling software solution.

Graphite Studio collapses the often tedious business of writing, matching, and updating the varying software that modern institutions cobble together to link secure data, mobile systems, and cloud-based remote servers beneath a string of shapes the company designed to depict basic business needs. Place them in order for what you want to do, and Graphite Studio compiles code that is accurate, detailed, compatible with the bewildering range of common business software, compliant with Microsoft and other industry standards, and tracked clearly, to make it easy to update and fix.

Entity Builder

  • Create and design all application data model in a fully visual manner.
  • Build and easily manage all application entities to produce data requirements essential to the business processing of the application.

Process Builder

  • Define all application processing with unprecedented visibility and control.
  • Express all business logic in graphical flowcharts that define every application instruction and provide detailed self-documentation of the solution.

UI Builder

  • Rely on Drag-and-Drop construction of all end user screens.
  • See screens built dynamically in the Screen Preview window and tailor all user interactions to your exact specifications.
  • Build and refine screens easily and at extreme speeds to ensure that all applications are robust yet intuitive for maximum efficiency.

Many organizations remain encumbered by legacy systems and associated business processes. Consequently, the prospective return on investment in an updated infrastructure becomes significantly higher. Accessibility and usability are a focal point, as companies increasingly look toward technology-enabled transformation to improve their customer service experience. End-users increasingly want real-time solutions that can be delivered through mobile communication, among other channels. Such expectations are difficult to achieve without technology upgrades.

Graphite GTC allows users to build a common front-end for both the back office and customers alike. An intuitive User Interface Builder creates highly advanced screens and functionality. Not only does this streamline communication with customers but it also improves employee retention and overall satisfaction.

Running on Microsoft Azure, Graphite GTC can be deployed in a Public, Private, or Hybrid Solution.