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With over 20 years of success in the defense & security industries, the VGIT Services team is dedicated to delivering its solutions and services to the highest standard of excellence.  The VGIT Team has consistently provided services that meet this standard of excellence to its clients since it was founded.  Our diverse team of professionals consist of industry executives and subject matter experts.

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VGIT is uniquely positioned as a leader in digital transformation. Our ability to leverage new technology to solve legacy problems has been production proven. The modern systems that we deploy meet the most stringent industry standards for scalability and security. VGIT is very proud to have been chosen to help lead public sector legacy modernization efforts.


Our mainframe system engineers can provide support and services in multiple strategic areas such as tape library and storage management, network management, cloud services, and overall system security. Our team comprises of over 200 combined years of extensive experience with OEM product installations, z/OS, Unix System Services, Capacity Planning and Performance Management Solutions, z/OS z/VM, SUSE, RedHat, z/Linux operating systems, and Internet commerce solutions.


Our IT Subject Matter Experts can drastically accelerate the software development process, provide significant reductions in the cost of software development, enhance security, lower the number of skilled software developers needed for a project, and substantially increase the return on investment.

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