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An application development platform that provides the capability of building mission critical enterprise applications without coding in business language.


One citizen developer can outperform 6 professional developers. Eliminate laborious tasks and streamline business unit feedback. Rapidly implement and validate ideas from the end user pool.


Increased output from smaller, integrated teams leads to lower investment cost per application.


Get to market faster, generate revenue and increase profits months or years ahead of traditional development.

Reduce resources spent on low value tasks…

  • Self documenting platform eliminates the need for developers to manually document
  • Removes the mundane tasks associated with traditional programming
  • Ease of integration via web services allows for significant reduction in development time
  • Binary Extensibility – developers can easily integrate with existing logic and databases

Realign focus to high value activities…

  • Focus is on the business solution and not the code
  • Generated scalable, well-architected design patterns
  • Maximize productivity and reduce project complexity
  • Removes friction between the business users and IT

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